Spread the Seeds of Conservation
A Campaign for an Environmental Exploration Center at Angelica Park

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Everyone living in Berks County benefits from the work of the Conservancy.  By relocating our offices and creating an educational center, we will have the ability to focus on programs designed to provide children and adults with an active learning experience and an understanding of the local environment.

Your pledge will help the Berks Conservancy construct an aesthetically respectful, environmentally responsible education center in Angelica Park.  The new education center would be an addition to the already existing one-classroom, 800 square foot structure (formally the boathouse) in Angelica Park.  Through this project, the Berks Conservancy will create a working example of conservation principles and sustainable development in the Greater Reading region.

For us at the Berks Conservancy, helping to grow the next generation of environmental stewards is more than just a part of our mission; it is part of our collective future.  Please give careful consideration to helping us Spread the Seeds of Conservation – make a thoughtful gift or pledge to the Berks Conservancy’s Capital Campaign for the Environmental Exploration Center at Angelica Park. Thank you for your time and consideration.