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State TreeVitalize grants help Berks communities – 1/12/2014
The TreeVitalize Program is a grant program funded by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Bureau of Forestry.

State of the Environment

5 Year Report Card

Nature is essential to our quality of life.  The Berks Conservancy works hard every day to protect nature, air, water quality and conserve our natural resources. Through the State of the Environment Program, we have monitored 25 indicators in the areas of Air, Energy, Land, Waste & Water for five years…

How is Berks County doing?

With the philosophy of “what gets measured, gets done” in mind, the Berks Conservancy, along with a team of environmental experts, published the first comprehensive State of the Environment in Berks report in 2009.  This report and associated programs evaluated specific data and trends in five environmental categories: Air, Energy, Land, Waste & Water.  Measureable, actionable data was pursued and monitored that has encouraged individuals, corporations, and organizations to make changes that have positive effects on our local environment.

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